Superman Through the Ages!

Pretty much everything you see on this page was developed by yours truly. Well all of it, actually, in the sense that I wrote the code for the whole shebang. Of course, I didn't draw all of the images you see around; those are the work of the fine staff of artists DC has employed over the years to make Superman look as good as he does, including:

John Byrne, Ed McGuinness, John Bogdanove, Mike Miller, Doug Mahnke, Stuart Immonen, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Jackson Guice, Dennis Rodier, Tom Grummett, Alex Ross, and, of course, Joe Shuster.

Special thanks go to the following:

Great Rao, who hosts the site and made it possible to begin with. You're the king, Rao. Check out his Superman Through The Ages! site.

David Morefield, who has been very helpful with advice on writing the code. Visit Confessions of a Superman Fan! today.

Rita Torres, who designed the artwork for the LoDo Air Band CD, "Upright and Locked." Visit Electric Chinchilla if you dare.

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